New Watercolour Video

I wanted to start a series of process videos to share more of the process of how I paint. It sometimes changes depending on the piece, and I guess it has developed over time as well, I tend not to follow any ‘rules’ or rather don’t really believe there should be any when you are being creative! Instead I generally go with what feels right, and for the most part it feels good, and leaves me wanting to do it even more and try something bigger, and better…

Hope you enjoy seeing a bit more of my process!

'Jungle Rose' time lapse process video

I made another time lapse/ sped up video. This one is full of colour, and probably demonstrates my somewhat random/ for the most part, non planned process! 

I hope this is still the beginning on many videos to come and that they will get better each time. Please take a moment to subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first to know when I post a new video, and so I know you want to see more of them :)